Monday, December 15, 2008

Would you meet Seth in person? [VIEWER QUESTION]

NO!! He is evil!!! I don't know if he will do anything to me, because he is EVIL!!

Should Seth been forgiven? [VIEWER QUESTION]

Yes, because he is a little on the aggressive side, he should be forgiven and be given a permanent spot as god of the night sky.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Where'd he go?

The are 3 myths about his end of his power...
1. He was bribed with two foreign godess wives, and he was never seen again.
2. In a battle against Horus to get Horus on the throne, Horus overcame Seth in a battle to death, and Horus lived there on out as king of earth. YAY! (sorry I'm a sucker for happy endings)
3. [Alternate ending to last myth] istead of battling to the death, he lived in the sky and protected Ra for the rest of his life. YAY (still I'm a sucker)

HEADLINE: Egyptians worship evil god

He was considered evil because in one myth, he killed Osiris (cough cough murderer cough cough). [See, I told you that you should meet him!!!).

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bunch of gods+Seth=Earth....right?

Seth was the god of storms, night, and about anything else evil (wow, what a dude). Early people of Egypt actually worshipped this dude because he was son the gods of the sky, and the Earth (Nut and Geb). Can you believe that this dudes dad was the god of the Earth, (The planet we live on (If you didn't know that, call the nice men in white coats so they can stick you in a rubber room to help you with your....uh...problem.}

Horus fought Seth to the death and didn't get scratched once....or did he?

He probably did, because the battle lasted for over 70 days of straight battling [how? maybe they drank Red Bull while battling (remember Red Bull gives you wings)]. Or, maybe a few bottles of pure sugar...

Did he leave the dark side of the force?

Yes, because in one of the myths, he went up and helped Ra for the rest of his life to protect him from a evil serpent monster while Ra was in his sunboat. Also I think that he was never bead because he was always aggresive, NOT a reason to consider him bad.

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